No Interest Loan Scheme

Providing individuals and families on low incomes access to safe, fair and affordable credit.
Highlands Community Centres believe all people living in the Southern Highlands should have access to equitable opportunities and support.
The Youth Hub

The Youth Hub

Located at Loseby Park. Open Mon – Fri from 9am to 4.30pm, and til 6pm for Youth Drop-In every Wed and Thurs.
Support Programs

Support Programs

We offer a range of life improving services and programs for children, young people and families.
Become Volunteer

Become Volunteer

We’re always looking for enthusiastic community members who have time, skills and a willingness to get involved.
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Programs to assist and inspire

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Our Mission

It is our mission to work collaboratively and inclusively to provide life-improving services and programs for children, young people and families.
Values and Goals

What We Are Striving for

Providing support to one another, working cooperatively, respecting one another’s views and making our work environment fun and enjoyable.
We are connected to the needs of the most vulnerable in our community and strive to help others through our networks and connections.
To be proactively involved in our community in a way that promotes consultation, collaboration and inclusion.
To meet the needs of our target groups through a “best practice” lens of effective planning, implementation and evaluation of programs and services.