No Interest Loans Scheme - for all low income earners(NILS)

Developed by Good Shepherd (Vic) Microfinance scheme nearly 30 years ago, the No Interest Loan Scheme offers small, affordable, no interest loans to people on low incomes for the purchase of needed goods and services.

Loans are safe, affordable and are completely free of interest, fees and charges. Access to the NILS program gives people on a low income empowerment as a consumer - often being able to purchase new items for the first time. In addition, purchasing items of good quality covered by a warranty often results in savings, particularly with ongoing costs such as energy bills.

Repayments are tailored to suit individual budgets and are usually paid through Centrepay or Direct Debit. In addition the NILS loan process also helps borrowers improve their budgeting and savings skills.

NILSís capital is supplied by the National Australia Bank (NAB) and BDCU Alliance Bank and is essentially community funds lent on an ongoing basis for continual recycling by the Community Organisation. Regular repayments are relied upon to relend within the community.

The Highlands Community Centres offers the NILS program for the Wingecarribee Shire only.


  • Live at your current address within the region for at least three months (some exceptions possible)
  • Low income earner or eligible for a health Care Card or Pension Card
  • Able to afford fortnightly repayments (average repayment $30 - $40 per fortnight)

    Borrowing Amount

  • Up to $1200 for household goods and services
  • Up to $600 for televisions and mobile phones

    To learn more and find local microfinance contacts, visit this link to the Good Shepherd Microfinance network.

    Click here for the NILS brochure in a PDF format.

    The contact details for this program are:

    Stafford Cottage Bowral

    Tel 02 4862 1122


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