Having operated the Highlands Youth Centre (formerly Loseby Park Youth Centre) in Bowral for over twenty years, HCC enjoys good relationships with the schools and other service providers in the Wingecarribee.

Our Youth Workers are available to all secondary schools to run workshops on various topics which are relevant to their students.

Previous workshops have covered;

  • Contraception and STIs
  • Domestic Violence
  • Cyber Bullying and
  • Peer pressure

    Our workers are able to cover a large range of other topics as well and are trained to present the following programs:


    The LoVE BiTES program includes a one-day workshop that is held in a school-setting with students 14-16 years of age. A group of service providers who have been trained in the program team up with teachers to run the workshop. The program is delivered in an interactive manner with workers engaging the young people through activities in every session. The workshop ends with a creative afternoon session to consolidate the material learnt during the day. Respectful relationships between males and females are consistently modelled in LoVE BiTES.

    In the afternoon session participants can write, perform and record a hip hop song, radio advertisement or drama piece; as well as develop art works for posters and other resources focusing on the prevention of gendered violence. These creative works are then used to develop local campaigns, led and delivered by young people, to challenge relationship violence in their communities.


    For more information please click here for the link to the NAPCAN website.


    RAGE stands for Re-Navigating Anger and Guilty Emotions and is an anger management course for young people aged between 11 and 17.

    Developed by Richmond Community services Inc. and awarded a Certificate of Merit by the Australian Crime and Violence Prevention Awards Selection Board, this program is designed for teenage boys in Years 7-10 at High school dealing with anger issues. Through games with prizes, fun activities, good food and in a supportive environment boys will learn:

  • Anger Recognition skills
  • Identification of personal triggers
  • Strategies for taking control of anger
  • Dealing with Guilt
  • Healthy expressions of anger

    Parents, teachers, carers and the like have commented on how this course has helped them and their children deal with the most misunderstood human emotion, anger.

    Managing the Bull

    'Managing the Bull' is a course that builds resilience in bullied teens through games, activities and discussions. In a safe, supportive environment, participants will learn to:

  • Recognise bullying
  • Discover inner strengths
  • Build self esteem
  • Communicate effectively
  • Deal with cyber-bullying
  • Build support networks
  • Use personal protection plans


    'Managing Anger in Adolescents Differently' is for parents /primary carers of teenagers with anger issues. This 4 week ongoing group will assist parents who want to understand their teenagers better, help them teach teens strategies for managing anger—and gain skills as parents in dealing with conflict in the home safely.

    Through interactive discussions and group activities participants will gain knowledge and skills in:

  • Understanding adolescence and brain development
  • Effective communication to angry teens
  • Assessing Risk and de-escalation strategies
  • Helping adolescents to manage themselves
  • Managing own reactions and stress
  • Creating safe homes and accessing support

    Body Esteem

    Our Youth Workers have also had training in body esteem issues through courses at the Butterfly Foundation. Butterfly works with young people in schools to teach them self esteem, positive body image, communication skills and media literacy. Through our workshops and presentations we seek to provide young people with strategies and tools to improve and maintain a positive sense of self worth. All sessions are interactive, evidence-based and are developmentally and age appropriate.

    For more information please click here for the link to the Butterfly Foundation website.

    If you would like our Youth Workers to work with your students, please call Rob on 0417 207 571.

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