A Celebration of Women

Today is the start of NSW Women’s Week and the theme for this year is “A Celebration of Women”. What does being a woman mean to you? Do you celebrate being a woman? The answers to these questions are as unique as you are!

For many of us, being a mother will be the way we most easily identify with being a woman. For others, it will be the connection that having a group of close female friends brings. Having powerful female role models, whether family members or inspirational female leaders might be another way we connect to womanhood. Naturally we love the men in our lives, but sharing laughter, tears and stories with other women can really nurture the soul. For other women, being a woman might be about challenging stereotypes and engaging in activities that can be seen as masculine such a fixing your own car, chopping wood, or working in a male dominated industry. However we come at being a women it is worth celebrating!

The word celebrate makes us think of parties or special events. If you are working, juggling family commitments, managing a household and so on, you might find it difficult to make time just for you and celebrating being a woman may be the last thing on your mind. Here’s a challenge for you – take some time to celebrate being the woman you are even if it is something small – this could be singing at the top of your voice while dancing around the house, running a bubble bath or watching Netflix in your pajamas. Taking time out for ourselves is about practicing self care – see links to some previous posts below.

Whatever you are doing this NSW Women’s Week, enjoy and celebrate everything that makes you uniquely woman!

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Highlands Community Centres is starting a Women’s Yarning Circle in March – keep your eye on our website or Facebook page for more details.

My Life My Dreams is an empowerment program for women and starts again in July 2020 Click Here for more information.