Comfort Eating

Who’s been comfort eating over the past few weeks? Perhaps you’ve even been comfort baking (if you can get hold of flour that is!) We’ve also got extra time on our hands and that might seem like the perfect opportunity to bake that double chocolate cake you’ve always been too busy to make. And not to mention Easter …..


Comfort eating or emotional eating is a very typical way of responding to stress. And for some of us there’s plenty to be stressed about at the moment – not seeing family or seeing too much of our families; job losses or adjusting to working from home; home schooling kids; anxiety about our health; uncertainty about the future and so on. Boredom can also cause us to eat more than we normally would or reach for a snack.


Why do we crave treats high in sugar and fat when we are stressed? Well, when we eat these types of foods it releases chemicals in our brain which are soothing, and comforting! Sounds good right? Unfortunately, these foods can give us a short burst of energy, followed by a “crash” which then leads us to wanting another, you guessed it, sugary, fatty snack. We can get into a bit of vicious cycle. So, what can we do?


We can work on ways to manage our stress; do exercise that helps release the feel good hormones; keep regular meal times & eat healthy snacks – and of course enjoy occasional indulgences without guilt! Next week’s blog will be on some ideas for healthy eating.