Coping with Stress

It has been a stressful start to the year – with fires impacting much of the Southern Highlands, then we had much needed rain, which caused flooding in some areas – and just when we felt like life was returning to normal – the Coronavirus. Once again we are living with a high level of uncertainty – and many people are worried about what the short and long term impacts might be – on our health, jobs, financial security and even our recreational activities.

Some symptoms of stress are: irritability, feeling helpless, headaches or body aches, changes in appetite, sleeping badly, withdrawal from normal activities or an increase in drinking or smoking. If you are noticing that you are stressed there are some simple steps you can take to help.

• Try and stick to a normal routine, this is particularly important for children
• Eat healthy meals
• Get some regular exercise, even 20 minutes a day would be beneficial
• Have a good sleep routine
• Talk to friends or family – stay connected to people that care about you
• Avoid alcohol and drugs
• Minimise watching the news or spending time on social media
• Watch a comedy
• Get professional help if you are feeling overwhelmed – contact the friendly staff at Highlands Community Centre if you need a referral 4862 1122