Energy Switch

What is Energy Switch?
Energy Switch is a NSW Government service which helps customers find a better plan on electricity bills and starts the request to switch providers. The service will compare and show customers the best priced plans and features from all NSW household electricity providers, based on the activity detailed in their current bill. Customers will then be able to select to initiate the switch to their preferred provider, based on their preferences.
How does it work? (Short Answer) Step 1: Upload your e-bill
Step 2: Compare the best plans
Step 3: We can help you switch
How does it work? (Long Answer) Energy Switch is seamless to use, as it works by using your latest e-bill from your electricity provider, to obtain relevant information to see a price comparison. The service lets you know if you would have saved (with your historical usage) on a different plan, and shows you all compared plans ordered by savings value. If a better deal is offered and a switch is requested, the service initiates the process by informing the energy provider.
Who is it for? All NSW households that have electricity plans and want to discover potential savings. The service excludes businesses, on-supply customers within embedded networks (such as retirement villages or caravan parks) and gas plans. Customers can still upload electricity bills when they are bundled with separate gas plans for comparison.
Why use it? Energy Switch is simple and seamless to use. Rather than navigating an extensive list of energy providers or undertaking complicated calculations, Energy Switch provides the best plans quickly and easily. It also provides a unbiased comparison, as it compares plans from all NSW household electricity providers and does not pay commissions.
Cost Energy Switch will be offered by the NSW Government at no cost to NSW residents.
Benefits Energy Switch is an easy, seamless, convenient and accurate service that may reduce your cost of living and save you money on your electricity plan. It is free to use and removes the task of navigating an extensive list of energy providers or undertaking complicated calculations. Energy Switch shows an unbiased price comparison, with plans from all NSW household electricity providers and helps you switch. It then notifies you to check your plan at the end of the plan period, to keep you on the most up to date deal.