How Can We Help?

How Can We Help?

Our thoughts and hearts are with our community at this time. Many of us have been impacted by the recent fires. As we now face the task of recovery, we understand that it can be overwhelming to filter through the vast array of information and available resources from Bushfire Allowances and Payments, to mental health needs as we learn to cope with the effects of this event.

We have friendly and caring community workers at Stafford Cottage who can help you navigate the entitlements and resources that are available to help you. We also have a range of printed resources to help guide your recovery.

Nicole is available every Monday to Wednesday at Stafford Cottage on 02 4862 1122, or

If you are an Aboriginal person and would prefer to talk with an Aboriginal community worker, Lisa is available Tuesday to Friday at Stafford Cottage on 02 4862 1122, or Lisa will also be at the Aboriginal Cultural Centre on Rainbow Street, Mittagong every Thursday.

We’re here to help.