How do we stay heart healthy at home during coronavirus?

How do we stay heart healthy at home during coronavirus?

As we follow government and public health recommendations to adhere to social distancing rules to stay well during the coronavirus pandemic we now are left to ask how we not only avoid coronavirus, but cardiovascular disease as daily activities are affected like going to the gym or local pool.

The Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute Heart Health Check Service would like to encourage you to continue to add nutritious food to your diet (even if the supplies aren’t as healthy as they normally would be) and to stay physically active.

Healthy eating:
Whilst during these times of stress it is tempting to overeat and to reach for a sugary snack, remember eating nutritious foods leads to a stronger immune system and a healthier heart.
Try to fill your plate with a protein source (this can include plant-based protein like quinoa), whole grains, vegetables, and fruits. Remember to try to eat daily 5 serves of vegetables & 2 servings of fruit. If fresh fruit and vegetables aren’t available frozen vegetables provide a nutritious alternative and tinned fruits are an option, just be sure to drain any syrups which can be high in sugar.
Don’t forget nuts, seeds, and legumes! All non-perishable and provide good sources of healthy fats, protein and are good for reducing cholesterol!

What about alcohol?
Stick to the recommended guidelines of maximum of 2 standard drinks per day and 3 alcohol free days per week.
Increased alcohol consumption can increase a person’s susceptibility to infection and to developing long term health issues like heart disease.

Staying active:
Staying active is a good way to manage and lower stress levels and is an important part of keeping our immune systems and heart healthy.
Being active helps keep your heart and blood vessels healthy in many ways. It can raise “good” (HDL) cholesterol levels, help keep your weight in a healthy range, lower blood pressure and control blood sugar.
At home workouts will become the new normal. It is a good time to get creative. Grab a skipping rope, create an obstacle course you can do with the kids, use stairs or jump online. The internet is a treasure trove of free health and fitness resources. The important thing is to keep moving!

Whilst our mobile heart health checks are on temporary hold we are looking forward to returning and offering the service to you again and seeing how heart healthy you are.

Stay safe out there!
The Heart Health Check Team