Links to Learning

Links to Learning

What is Links to Learning?

Links to Learning is an educational support program, funded by NSW Department of Education, that addresses the needs of high school students who are struggling to engage and succeed at school.  The program supplements school support and works to address basis academics, cultural identity and learning, practical living skills, mental health and well-being and social behaviours.  Many students experience challenging life circumstances that can lead to behavioural problems, mental health issues and create barriers to successful school engagement.

Students who attend the Links to Learning program receive intensive support from Highlands Youth Services youth workers, and other connected support services.  Learning is focused on building resilience, developing effective coping strategies, setting realistic goals, improving communication, negotiation and problem-solving skills, with the goal of re-engaging at school better equipped and more motivated to engage and learn.

How does it work?

Links works with students from Year 6 to Year 12, but not all at the same time.  Sometimes we work with Year 6 students transitioning to high school, or Year 7 students who might be struggling to adjust to high school.  Other times we work with older students who are facing barriers to getting the most out of their time at high school.

Students are referred through Moss Vale High School and Bowral High School, for one day a week for 16 weeks to attend Links to Learning at Highlands Youth Hub.

Once accepted into the program, students and youth workers work together to build trust and rapport and start to identify the student’s strengths.  Students engage in group work to develop peer support and help each other identify problematic behaviours and different ways to respond to triggers.  Students have access to a counsellor and a case worker where they set goals, develop an individual learning plan and can be referred on to other helpful services if needed.

Links to Learning takes referrals from Moss Vale High and Bowral High in Terms 1 and 3.

For more information, please call Highlands Youth Services on 02 4862 1122, or email

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