“My Life My Dreams Has Changed My Life”

This comment came from one of the participants that finished MLMD a few weeks ago. My Life My Dreams is all about empowering women – through education, by enchancing health and wellbeing, by developing self awareness and importantly, through friendship. There is no doubt that that MLMD is life changing and by the end of the program women feel more confident, their self esteem improves, their relationships with friends and family get better and significantly, they feel happier. Most women complete the TAFE qualification that is offered and then go on to further study, paid work or volunteer work. Some other comments by former participants are: “this program has given me back my confidence”, “it has taught me to value myself again” and “amazing experience”.

My Life My Dreams starts again on 22 July, 2019. Are you feeling a little stuck and want to make a positive change in your life? Then My Life My Dreams could be for you. Contact Nicole at nicole@highlandscommunity.org.au or 4862 1122 if you are interested or want more information about the program.