School Holiday MUST Reads

As a youth Facilitator I get the wonderful opportunity daily to be reminded what a wonderfully scary time it is to be a teenager. Filled with change that is both exciting and scary, the need to be independent yet feel safe, finding confidence when your internal critic is SUPER loud.
So how do you navigate this time? One way to help you through is by reading, if you are reading this blog than you have already got the reading part nailed! If you tripped over an Instagram post or Facebook post and found your way here don’t give up on me just yet.
I have a habit of reading books for teenagers, even though I am not one anymore (only just). It’s because I like to know how I can better help the young peep’s I work with and because I think you’re amazing! Do yourself a favour and borrow from the library, download an eBook here or go into the local book shop and pick up a copy of Turia Pitt’s Good Selfie. I can even bet that if you tell your parent, carer, grandparent, aunty, uncle, next door neighbour (basically any caring adult in your life) that you want to read a book, they may even volunteer to get you a copy. As it says on the cover it is full of “tips and tools for you to nail life”. It’s one of the easiest reads I have seen for teenagers, its even interactive. Bit like what you might find on a website, only in Book form. Turia has managed to put together some of the easiest tips and tools for you to be the best version of you. So, do yourself a favour and get reading these school holidays.
P.S a little note about the Author – Turia Pitt is one Inspirational athlete, Entrepreneur, Humanitarian and Business women who became a house hold name after being caught in a fire while running an Ultra Marathon in the Australian dessert. Turia was injured in the fire, receiving full thickness burns to 65% of her body. She is one tough woman and worth giving some of your time to.

Sarah, Youth Facilitator – Highlands Youth Services