Tips for Healthy Eating

We all know that we should eat more fruit and vegetables, drink water instead of soft drink, avoid fast food and so on. But there is a lot of confusing information out there – fat was bad and now it’s good, then there’s diets like Paleo or Keto and to top it off there’s dietary trends like being gluten free, sugar free, dairy free – but with so many rules, it doesn’t feel very free! So how do we step away from all noise about food and make healthy choices without feeling like we are giving something up?

Here’s a few simple tips:
• Make your favourite foods healthier – try adding grated zucchini or carrots to spaghetti Bolognese or hamburger patties; swap white pasta/rice/bread for wholemeal or whole grain; mash a can of lentils into dishes like Shepherd’s Pie
• Plan a weekly menu, write a shopping list and only buy what’s on the list – this might sound a bit boring but if you plan ahead it can save you money, time and stop you grabbing junk food
• Make your favourite take away meals at home – you could make fried rice, burgers, pizza – have some fun and experiment
• If you want a sweet treat try making it – who wouldn’t love home made chocolate chip cookies or apple pie or brownies, yum!
• Add variety – try eating foods you haven’t eaten before, if you tried one new food a week, that would be 52 new foods in a year!
• Use the internet – there are so many free recipes and how to videos on-line you can find out how to cook or make just about anything

Some helpful websites: