It is Volunteer Week this week so a big, big thank you to all our volunteers at Highlands Community Centres and Highlands Youth Services! We appreciate your time, energy, enthusiasm and commitment. Across Australia volunteers give up countless hours of their time for the good of their communities. Over the devastating bushfire season this year the Rural Fire Service volunteers saved whole communities as well as natural habitats from complete destruction. They in turn were supported by other volunteers. Every single day of the year people are doing things like cooking, driving, chatting, answering phones, tutoring, supporting, dog walking, making things, holding sausage sizzles, raising money and so on. Volunteers make the world go around!

Have you ever thought about volunteering? Research shows that volunteering is good for you – it makes us happier, healthier and more resilient. There are all sorts of benefits to volunteering – you learn new skills, meet new people, gain confidence, boost self esteem. You become a part of your community. You get to feel good about yourself while helping others – a true win/win situation!

Giving is one of the 5 Ways to Wellbeing, read more about this at https://highlandscommunity.org.au/5-ways-to-wellbeing/

Highlands Community Centres has the following volunteer positions open:
• Secretary – Management Board
• Receptionist – Stafford Cottage
• Tutors – Youth Hub
• Tax Help – Stafford Cottage

For more information about volunteering locally, contact Volwing at https://volwing.org.au/ or on 4869 4617. If you would like to volunteer at Highlands Community Centres contact 4862 1122.