What’s inside the digital lunch break?

What’s inside the digital lunch break?

ACYP NSW (the Advocate for Children and Young People, for us who don’t know acronyms)
have developed a pretty cool resource to help with boredom during the COVID-19 pandemic which is called Digital Lunch Break.

Light seems to be appearing at the end of our COVID-19 tunnel, however we are not completely out of the woods yet. You are now able to go and visit your extended family and schools are looking at transitioning students back in the coming weeks. But we will all still be spending most of our time at home! What do you do when Netflix is just not cutting it and you don’t want to play another round of Uno with your little sister? Let’s face it sometimes we just want a little zone out time.

Go and take a look at the website Digital Lunch Break. “What can I do there?”, I hear you say. Well it’s pretty exciting stuff!! Ok well maybe it’s not like hanging at the skate park with your mates or hopping on the train to Macarthur Square with your girlfriends but it’s got some interesting stuff to look at when you need a brain break from online schooling.

• Take a waddle with a penguin around the Smithsonian – it’s not quite Night at the Museum meets Happy Feet but hey who doesn’t love watching a penguin waddle!
• You know that smart phone in your hand well without this guy you may not have one. No, it’s not Steve Jobs. It’s Graham Alexander Bell, the guy that invented the first telephone. Take a virtual trip to the National Museum of Scotland and see what the first telephone looked like. Fun fact – Bell’s Dad and Grandad were really into communication too, they helped people with speech and hearing impairments. Imagine what they would think of Zoom calls.
• Once you have visited Scotland drop past NYC and take a look at some awesome street art. Made possible with Google arts and culture, who knew google maps could take you on a street art tour.
• You can watch some Tank TV with Sydney Aquarium and watch the tiger cam (not tiger king) at Taronga Zoo and see what it is like to work in an animal hospital for a day.

While it is not the same as in person it is worth the look and might just be a welcome distraction.

Take care and stay safe